Folkestone Triennial 2011 Fringe events

The FAC is planning a number of Triennial Fringe events developed from members ideas to actively engage together to create the projects and compliment the main theme. Although we are still finalising details we will be installing and performing:-

A sculptural installation set on the hilltops between Sugar Loaf Hill and Samphire Hoe that depicts the passage of the sun throughout the day.

Sculptures and images of the aliens derived from H.G. Wells “War of the Worlds” created around the town.

A star map created by placing star names and images in specific locations, photographing them and mapping their positions.

An image of a bar code created on the beach using black and white pebbles collected from the fore shore. This will be photographed and filmed as it is created and as the tide washes it away.

We are looking for members and non-members to get involved with these art projects to make them happen. With the “Infinity – Sunrise/Sunset” and “The Tourist” projects we require arc-welders or sculptors in metalwork. Attached is a picture of the Tripod alien depicted in “War of The Worlds” and how it could look in Folkestone. It is hoped that the HG Wells Festival might take this onboard and the organisers are being contacted. A 23 foot tripod sculpture was erected in 1988 in Woking where HG Wells is said to have lived while writing War of the Worlds. HG Wells did live in Sandgate as well documented and hence the HG Wells Festival in Folkestone.

For further details or information please contact:
kamilla.1@hotmail or