Charlton Art Centre, Dover

A leaking roof caused so many problems at the Charlton Art Centre that it all but closed. The roof is now repaired, the mess cleared away and with the old furniture refurbished or replaced it now has a new beginning. The brainchild of Ken Morley, the front studio, has become a bright showroom where artists can display and, hopefully, sell their work. Ken has built display stands that will hold around 100 pictures. Old shop counters have been lovingly cleaned and polished for sculpture, textiles and other small items. Display cases are ready for jewellery. Stands are waiting for cards to fill them. Everything on sale is priced below £40 to make this area an ideal place to shop for gifts. There is space for artists to come and meet each other, spend some time drawing or painting and talking to the public.

There’s still space to fill…

There is still space for paintings, photographs and prints on the gallery walls but Ken would particularly like to encourage anyone working in ceramics, wood or metal to put their work in. The items can be priced at up to £40, there is no entry fee but if an item sells he would like 10% commission to go the centre.

What happens next?

There is still a great deal of work to be done to make the best of the space available in the front studio. There is also a large exhibition area behind the studio and work is starting there to create a space for showing larger works, hold craft fairs, artists workshops and one day events.

Who else is involved?

Ken is best known for his paintings of animals but he has proved himself an able carpenter in the work he has done to create a gallery space. He seeks the advice of other people in the creative field as he works to build this up. They are Anita Luckett, Sue Homer, Phyllis McDowell, Mike Tedder and Roberta Harrold.

When will it open?

The Charlton Art Centre is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There is going to be an official Open Day on Saturday 7th April. To find out more information please call in to the centre.

You can contact us at:-
The Charlton Arts Centre, First Floor, The Charlton Centre, London Road, Dover
or call Ken on 01303 894072


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