6e Fête de l’estampe (Printmaking festival)

26 mai 2018, 6e Fête de l’estampe
Les inscriptions sont ouvertes !
date limite : 10 avril 2018 / deadline : April 10, 2018

Manifestampe – fédération nationale de l’estampe présente la sixième édition de la Fête de l’estampe
Manifestampe, the French printmakers’ federation, organises the 6th “Fête de l’estampe” (Printmaking festival)

Devenue au fil des années un succès, c’est un rendez-vous annuel à ne pas manquer. La Fête de l’estampe permet à un large public de découvrir dans une ambiance chaleureuse la richesse de ce moyen d’expression qui comprend la gravure, la lithographie, la sérigraphie ou encore les procédés numériques. Des expositions, des performances, des visites d’ateliers, stages, démonstrations, portes ouvertes, cours, conférences, ventes aux enchères, kakémonos géants, etc. sont organisés dans toute la France et même au-delà, en Europe, le jour de la Fête de l’estampe, autour du 26 mai 2018. La Fête de l’estampe 2017 a bénéficié du soutien du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.

Over the years, the success of this festival has made it an unmissable event in the cultural calendar. La Fête de l’estampe provides a festive opportunity for many to discover this rich art that includes lithography, engraving, serigraphy, artists’ books and even digital prints. Exhibitions, outdoor studios, training sessions, open studios, conferences, performances, auctions, giant prints,… are organised in France and in many other countries in Europe on 26th May, 2018, for one day, or longer in some areas.

Où se déroule la Fête de l’estampe ? Partout en France… et même en Europe ! Dans des ateliers, dans des galeries d’art, dans la rue, dans des bibliothèques, des parcs et jardins, des musées, des écoles, en ville ou à la campagne, dans des lieux prestigieux ou insolites. Toutes les initiatives sont possibles.

Where? Anywhere : in artists’ studios, art galleries, in the street, in libraries, gardens, museums, schools, art schools … all initiatives are welcome.

Quand a lieu la Fête de l’estampe ? Le samedi 26 mai 2018, bien entendu. La plupart des événements durent plusieurs jours autour du 26 mai. Tout événement annoncé sera ouvert au public le 26 mai 2018.

When ? On Saturday, May 26th, 2018. Events may also be organised to last several days or weeks, providing the date of 26th May is included.

Qui participe ? La Fête de l’estampe est initiée par Manifestampe et est organisée par tous les acteurs de l’estampe : artistes plasticiens, graveurs, lithographes, sérigraphes, galeristes, musées, imprimeurs de l’estampe, collectionneurs d’estampes, écoles d’art, etc. Tous ont eu à cœur de mettre l’estampe en valeur auprès du public, et particulièrement ce jour-là

Who? La Fête de l’estampe is dedicated to anyone involved in printmaking: artists, engravers, lithographers, serigraphers, museums, printers, gallery owners, collectors, artists’ associations,…



ALL INKED UP Artist’s Book and Print Fair

Kent’s International Artist Book and Print Event
Friday 13 October- Thusday 9 November 2017
Location: Herbert Read Gallery, UCA Canterbury Time: 10:30 am- 18:00 pm

All Inked Up is an International Artist Book and Print Event spread over two venues, UCA, Canterbury and The Brewery Tap, Folkestone, comprising of an Artist Book and Print Fair, Symposium, Workshops and a final Exhibition of four internationally acclaimed artists at The Herbert Read Gallery UCA, Canterbury.
The event will build the audiences awareness of the Artist book as a primary medium and method in artistic practice to introducing the broad possibilities that the book format covers, from Illustrative narrative to sculptural forms through to digital, audio/video and performance work.
The Event will feature over 30 Internationally recognised Book Arts from Spain, South Korea, Japan, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Ireland as well as the U.K; the work of Staff and Students from European Universities, Spain, Norway, Ireland, Scotland and England as well as local Artistic community in the South East, Resort Studio, Open School East, Intra, DBA Print studios and Folkestone’s Creative Quarter.

Royal Academy Exhibition Trip

For FAC members: Sunday 12th March
Make our own way to Royal Academy of Arts

Meet together after seeing show(s) 1:30pm (if not bumped into each other before) in the RA café for coffee & decide where to go for lunch
Book our own tickets and time slots ourselves online or at RA and allow time to see what we want – there are two paid entry exhibitions:
1) Russian Art (1917-1932)
2) American Art (painting in 1930’s)
3)Olwyn Bowey RA (free, but need to ask to see private collection)

See more here: Royal Academy – Exhibitions and Events

Pay our own entries with own discounts etc to see preferred exhibition(s)

Head over to the Centre of Russian Arts in Little Portland Street, where they have an exhibition of poster art (which links with the Russian theme)

Travel suggestions:

7:20 am coach from bus station arr 9:50am Vic, & walk to RA = approx 10:30 arrival RA?

9am train from Folk Central – St.Pan, & tube to Piccadilly = approx. 10:30 arrival RA)

FAC Quiz Night

Art, literature, film, music and more, so much more! well, architecture. Come and give your grey matter a work out at this ‘the arts’-themed quiz hosted by the Folkestone Arts Collective.

7.30 for 8.00 start. Teams of 4 max. £2 per person. FAC members £1. Cash prize pot. Spot prize competitions inlcuding Pointless Artists round!

Small venue with limited number of teams so come early to avoid disappointment!
19 May at 19:30
Lime Bar Cafe 46 Tontine Street, CT20 1JU Folkestone, Kent

FAC Meeting at Lime Bar Monday 22nd February

Folkestone Arts Collective Meeting at Lime Bar Monday 22.2.2016


Sharon McCarron, Lesley Richmond, Rebecca Elliot, James Pyott, Malcolm Richmond, Rob Kennett, Frances Powell, Steve Harris,, Mike Tedder, Andy Thomas-Emans, Kate Thomas-Emans, Ruth Maskell, Ann Wimsett, Roberta Harrold


Phyllis McDowell and Francois Lloyd

1. Next meeting Tuesday 5th April Quarterhouse bar at 6pm then to Lime Bar to socialise. To be confirmed by Kate. Focus will be collection of 10 pound annual fee from members and distribution of membership cards. Alternatively cheques can be given to Anne for paying in by Kate/Andy/Steve. Agreed that membership fee will cover renewal of insurance and FAC running costs.

2. Future project suggestions:

* Art quiz

* Treasure Hunt (Bobby to co-ordinate)

* plein air painting

* FAC artists to talk about their work to the group;

* Open mic nights (Andy)

* Phyllis will try and get the FAC a slot at the Palm Court – probably for next year given the waiting list.

* Phyllis suggestion that the group could meet at Poulton Wood Aldington nature reserve for drawing/painting day, and possibly workshops. Next events are around Bluebells at the end of April \and an Open Day early June.

* Mike pointed out forthcoming exhibition opportunities at open air art markets in Walmer, Dover and Maidstone (17th September, under cover).

* Maggie to approach Neville Pundole for FAC to take part in event he is organising

* FAC entry to Sandcastle competition?

3. Points of interest to be brought to members’ attention – for example Jackson’s supplies has 3,000 pound art prize on offer. We should ask for a discount for FAC members like the one we already have with Pencraft.

4. Members were asked for ideas for possible funding applications with district and town council as well as local councillors’ discretionary funds. Andy to look at funding deadlines.

5..Kate suggested people might pay for a basic animation workshop. Rebecca said Astrid Goldsmith has now finished her animated film and could be approached to make a presentation. Malcolm pointed out that a projection screen is available for community use.

6. A call was made for volunteers to learn more professional curating skills.

7. Malcolm invited members to join the Folkestone Artists Cricket Team who play for charity at Shorncliffe barracks.

8. Information to be given to Mike to build an up to date contacts page on the website

FAC EGM minutes 11th Jan 2016

Extraordinary General Meeting of Folkestone Art Collective
Monday 11th January 2016. FAC members met at the Lime Bar, Tontine Street.
Present: Kamilla Stzyber, Phyllis Macdowell, Mike Tedder, Kate Thomas-Emans, Andy Thomas-Emans, Ann Wimsett, Frances Powell, Maggie Holder, Amanda Thompson.

1. Nominations: The following nominations for FAC officers were made and unanimously adopted:
Chair – Kate Thomas-Emans
Treasurer – Ann Wimsett
Social secretary – Frances
Membership secretary – Maggie/Phyllis
Minutes secretary – Andy Thomas-Emans
FAC Constitution to be reviewed for possible re-wording in light of changing circumstances. Emphasized that FAC mission statement originally emphasized all aspects of local art including poetry, music etc as well as all forms of painting and sculpture and this to be retained and encouraged.

2. Paid membership: In order to comply with the terms of the FAC constitution, all current members will become ‘paid’ members by means of an annual £10 fee. Additional £1 ‘subs’ per meeting were suggested to cover venue and food/drink costs. A suggestion that non-attendees would be fined
was not adopted. Membership year to run from 31st March.

3. Membership secretaries: Joint membership secretaries to contact former FAC members with an invitation to return to the FAC. Phyllis to draw up a ‘why join’ card. Discounts available to FAC members to be publicized (eg Pencraft and possible discount at Kate’s Life Drawing Classes).

4. Insurance: FAC’s Public Liability Insurance covers a limited number of members and an indefinite number of events (artists must still insure their own work). Cover to be renewed when necessary.

5. Website: Mike agreed to maintain FAC website and design event posters. Content has been a problem and he will put together a standard ‘template’ in which information to be supplied (word count etc). Minutes also to be posted online.

6. FAC cheque signatories: Kamilla and Trevor Moss names to be taken off cheque signing. Ann’s and Kate’s names to be added. Steve will remain a signee.

7. Other FAC assets: Kamilla has FAC camera and FAC PA is being stored by Colin. Website to publicise availability of PA for hire.

8. For next meeting: all members to bring existing membership cards, cheque books, member and ex-member contact information and new membership form ideas.

9. Next meeting: 22nd February. Kate to find out if Lime Bar will be available. Suggestion that ‘formal’ meetings held every 6 weeks, with ‘informal’ events in-between (eg painting mornings) to be discussed.

New Photography exhibition in Dover

A New Photography exhibition is developing in Dover, featuring images by David Bish, Roberta Harold, Martin Bradley, Peter Nix, Mike Tedder and others.
The exhibition space is open Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat, 10am – 4pm until 10 May – free entry.
The Charlton Arts Centre, Dover. Upper floor, Charlton Shopping Centre, High Street, Dover CT16 1TT

Mike Tedder: Natural Selection: photographic print